Overseas indians, officialy known as non resident indians (nri)or persons of indian origin (pio) are the people of indian birth, descent or origin who lives outside india. Indian government is reaching onto more and more nri’s for their attention to support in the india’s developmental activities. There are numerous opportunities provided by the government to invest in india. Nri’s are encouraged to establish business and educational isntituitions in india. Many reports reveal that nri’s are major source of direct foreign investment market development (outsourcing), technology transfer. Charity, tourism political contributions and more substansial flow of knowledge in india.

We at anand tarun & co fully recognise the value of contribution of nri’s in the development of india. We are fully equipped to provide professional and personal services to nri’s. Some of services specialy suitable for nri’s are:

  1. Remittance of money out of india.
  2. Money transfer from foreign to india (for maintenance of beloved one in india or for the purposes of business etc.)
  3. Withholding certificate from the income tax authorities (required at the time of sale of properly in india.)
  4. Filling of income tax return (applicable for source of income in india.)
  5. Obtaining approval of reserve bank of india (for various purposes e.G. Investment in firm, purchase of property etc.
  6. Advice and mangement of bank accounts, property & other assets.
  7. Guidance & managements of other related matters e.G. Help in sale of property, legal and procedural issues relating to properties in india etc.
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